Edition 002: Cross-pollination


“When you start working, everybody is in your studio – the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas – all are there. But as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone. Then, if you are lucky, even you leave.” – John Cage

This month’s mix, based on our theme of cross-pollination, uses a template I put together for Rewind, an installation at Paradigm Electronic Arts Festival in 2015. The original piece explored the commodification of dance music and generated a live, constantly changing mashup/mix using Mixmag’s ‘top 50 dance tunes of all time’, along with every off-the-shelf percussive sample in Ablteon Live 9. I’ve replaced Mixmag’s top 50 with 50 tracks picked randomly from my genre-spanning digital music collection and generated a new half-hour mix. The outcome hints at the disparate sources we draw on for our creative output, the moments when everything comes together as well as those when nothing quite fits.
– Dave House / The Reverse Engineer

Artwork by H. Stewart



Sometimes it can feel like there is nothing new – just recombinations of things that we have already seen. But this kind of creative cross-pollination can lead to exciting
possibilities and is central to our approach at Floored.

To keep things interesting we are keen to work with people outside our usual social and creative circles – people who will help us reconsider what we think we know and embrace new ideas and approaches.

If you have an idea for a performance or an artwork, a theme for a party or any other contribution then we would love to hear from you. Our intention is to provide a friendly, enthusiastic space to experiment, try out new things and hone ideas, so your proposal needn’t be fully finished and nothing is too weird.

Please get in touch with your ideas.



In our second loosely themed party at the Rumshack on Friday September 21st 2018, we’re celebrating the intermingling of differing musical DNA’s as well as launching an open call for artists and musicians to get involved with the project. To help us celebrate we have:


Cucina Povera is Finnish born, Glasgow based artist Maria Rossi. Named after a style of southern Italian traditional cooking associated with precarity and making-do, a philosophy of simplicity and stoicism that applies perfectly to the spare but beautiful music Rossi experiments with.
Her sound combines minimal synths, field recordings and the hymnal dexterity of her looped vocal performances to create a new language, sometimes literally, to be spoken in some mythological Fourth World we’ve yet to create.

Her debut album Hilja is out on Night School.


The Semispecific Ensemble is a loose collective of artists drawing on a range of different musical backgrounds to explore long form performance and spontaneous composition. This is their first show. Its all improvised and utilizes spatial and audiovisual elements.
What started out as an attempt to play jazz without really knowing how has morphed into something unique, merging dub, musique concrète, modal jazz and hypnotic techno with unusual orchestration and a free form experimental approach.


Dave House AKA The Reverse Engineer will be in charge of the tunes come the infamous dancehall power hour. Expect the unexpected as he flings together disperate strands of dancefloor dynamite, embracing the freedom of our Cross-Pollination theme.