Floored Mix #6: Iain Kerr. Live at The Yellow Door

October’s Floored mix is a banging live session from Iain Kerr – a man involved with some of our favorite parties in Glasgow.  Read a bit about what he’s been up to and check out the mix.

1. ??? – ???
2. Antigone – Ostinato I
3. Antonio De Angelis – Tramato
4. Quso – Brrr (Gary Beck remix)
5. Donato Dozzy – Giusy
6. Phil Kieran – Wasps Under a Toy Boat (Planetary Assault Systems remix)
7. Rudosa – Behind The Lens
8. ???
9. Floorplan – Feel The Same
10. Oliver Deutschmann – Sequel
11. Oliver Deutschmann – Fokus (Flug rework)
12. Aril Brikha – Groove la Chord
13. DJ Slugo – Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Hoe
14. ???
15. Aiken – Genetics
16. Anthony Parasole – Pressure
17. ????
18. Nuel – Caustic
19. DVS1 – Black Russian
Can you tell us a bit about the various projects you’re involved with just now?
Right now I’m a resident for Missing Persons Club at La Cheetah and The Yellow Door at The Berkeley Suite. MPC is coming up for 5 years in December and TYD has been going for 3.5 years now.
The Yellow Door is a more personal night for me to be involved in. It’s myself and my good friend Paul Dey who promote and DJ at it. The party is on every month and we’ve kept it as a residents only night.
Not booking guests is something that we both thought was key to keeping it fun for us. We didn’t want the stress of putting thousands of pounds into each night and, the main reason for doing it in the first place was so that we could play the music we’re into.
It’s a tough scene and Glasgow has so much going on, every weekend – so I’m / we’re really lucky that things have worked out the way they have and that I to play to, in my opinion, the best crowd in the city each month.
And can you tell us about the mix?
So this mix is a live recording from Friday night (15th September) – we recorded the whole set – but this is the last hour of that. The Berkeley Suite has just fitted a new custom sound system and changed the lay out of the place, so we were buzzing to play. Turns out, so were a load of other people and the club was packed from about 12pm onwards. By the time it got to 2am it felt like it was time for some techno.
The beers had been flowing for a few hours so you’ll hear a few corrections, but I feel like the set has the energy that I remember from Friday and I don’t think I would be able to replicate that at home.
Whats up next for you?
Well The Yellow Door continues, every third Friday at The Berkeley Suite (although I’m on holiday for October) and we have I-F booked for MPC at La Cheetah in November then a special party with Volvox & Umfang at The Art School in December.
Well, I hope you enjoy the mix! All the best man and thanks again,