Floored – Undergound Electronic Music: Fringe Edition

Floored and The Noisefloor present our regular showcase of forward-thinking electronic music! For our FRINGE SPECIAL (ie, it’s happening in August) we’re delighted to bring you improv glitch dub, audiovisual sample trickery and live percussion, bass and synths. For the chin-strokers, the bassheads and the chin-stroking bassheads.

Entry is by donation, with all proceeds going to the artists. Hosted by the mighty Leith Depot, 17/8/17.

Midi Paul
Midi Paul is the alter ego of bassist/producer Phil McBride. Expect stuttering drums, spliced up disco samples, wobbly arpeggios and some computer funk. On stage, the music evolves like a DJ set but in place of the turntables you will get live bass, dirty analogue synths and old school breakbeats. The live show features drummer/percussionist extraordinaire Dave Dukes.

Silo Portem
Silo Portem are an Edinburgh-based experimental music duo, creating improvised music with a broad range of influences, sampling and manipulating anything and everything from sound art, dark ambient, electroacoustic, 20th century and contemporary classical, film sound track, easy listening, post rock, industrial and our own field recordings… and no synths!

Raw Green Rust
Jules Rawlinson, Owen Green and Dave Murray-Rust serve up humorous abstract glitch-dub from promiscuous audio processing.